Export Crating

Export Crating

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Export Crating Services

Quest-Tech is a leader in all facets of sheet metal fabrication, providing superior quality, competitive pricing, and shortened lead times for our clients. We recognize that shipping may be necessary after product requirements have been fulfilled, which is why we offer export crating as an add-on service for our customers. We provide worldwide shipping on behalf of our customers, offering export crating services custom tailored to meet client needs. We partner with our customers on logistics to fulfill requests and can handle all shipping for you.

Custom Design

We have the expertise and experience to package finished products in-house and prepare them for shipment. We can facilitate ad-hoc crating and package design on any completed job, including custom skid building for export crating.

Meets International Protocols

Quest-Tech follows and adheres to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), and all our crates are ISPM-15 certified (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, No. 15 regulations). Our IPPC-certified wood shop can satisfy custom crating requirements for all of your domestic and international shipments.

We are in full compliance with all regulated wood packaging materials such as pallets, crates and loose dunnage under the ISPM-15 regulations. Quest-Tech’s export crating also meets specific certification requirements to be shipped internationally.

Crates, skids, pallets, and other wood packaging materials that are used for shipping Canadian goods within Canada or into the U.S. are exempt, but ISPM-15 rules govern export and import of all goods shipped to or from other countries, including Mexico.

Value-Added Service (VAS)

Beyond our core manufacturing and metal fabrication services, export crating provides clients with a value-added service, not a one-off service, to ensure product delivery and customer satisfaction. This includes all products fabricated, painted, or handled on-site by Quest-Tech.

At Quest-Tech, we understand that secure, timely and efficient delivery of materials and products is vital to the success of any business. When discussing your company’s fabrication needs and project goals with our team, please be sure to inquire about any shipping requirements you may have.

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