What Are Metal Fabrication Companies and What Do They Do?

January 11, 2021

Precision metal fabrication companies play an essential role in today’s global economy. Such companies are integral to the design and fabrication of metal parts and components used in the manufacturing and building of devices, equipment, machines and structures for diverse industries. Metal fabrication processes vary widely, from cutting, casting, bending, folding, and welding to shearing, machining, forming, punching, and even assembling final products.

What Defines Metal Fabrication Companies?

Precision metal fabricators partner with other companies and manufacturers to produce metal parts and components for diverse industries. The specialty manufacturing of components for industries and, by extension, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) require precision parts supplied from multiple sectors to assemble or manufacture goods. Beyond simply fabricating a part or component for this diverse array of manufacturing companies, the parts produced must consistently fulfill very high tolerance requirements with extreme precision. Precision metal fabrication companies also provide design and engineering services of parts for other companies as well as building prototypes during the iterations of product development.

A prime example of precision metal fabrication is in support of the automotive manufacturing industry. The panel sections alone used for the frames of vehicles of all makes is a result of precision metal fabrication processes. These same panels are also utilized by the auto repair industry for replacement parts damaged in accidents or in older cars that have been rusted out. Another instance for such fabrication is in hardware manufacturing for computers. Precision is required for metal components ranging from computer enclosures and cabinets to metals necessary for manufacturing motherboards, modems, monitors and computer cases. Precise parts are fabricated at one facility and shipped to another for assembly.

Those examples are indicative of the wide array of industries that partner with precision metal fabrication companies to thrive. In addition to the automotive and computer industries, other industrial sectors include aerospace, health and medical, pharmaceutical, food service, electronics and telecommunications, HVAC systems, building and construction. Each represents typical industries that depend upon precision fabrication of metal parts and components for finished products.

What Do Fabrication Companies Do?

Companies specializing in precision metal fabrication rely on advanced computer-driven technologies, which are constantly evolving, to ensure that the production of quality parts meet the high tolerance requirements of products. Manufacturing and fabrication of products utilize CAD/CAM software, from design and layout to produce a precision component. In particular, Computer Numerically Controlled machines, referred to as CNC machines, are instrumental in the manufacturing of parts. The machines are essentially computers programmed to achieve the greater tolerances and exact specifications required for precision metal fabrication.

Operators of CNC machines must have more experience with computer-aided design and manufacturing programs. CNC machine operators are professionally certified programmers. They must have the skills to write the codes that control the machines and the tools used to cut, shape, form, stamp, etc., precision parts. In addition to computer programming skills, certified CNC programmers must also possess mechanical and metalworking skills, read blueprints and be familiar with the latest technology and production methods, among other duties.

Precision metal fabrication companies produce parts and components used in applications throughout the world. The process of building machines and structures from raw metal materials, as well as the manufacture of components for myriad equipment, appliances, mechanisms and devices in nearly every industrial sector, is a direct result of precision metal fabrication.

Precision Metal Fabrication Services

Companies offer precision metal fabrication services performed by certified professionals. The precision metal fabrication industry supports numerous industries in the manufacture of goods that range from common household products to customized or essential machinery and equipment for large-scale commercial and industrial production. In many cases, precision metal fabrication companies serve as the backbone for industry in general, providing the metal components and parts for the manufacture of nearly every product large and small. Learn more about our precision metal services at Quest-Tech or inquire about your next project today!