Metal Fabrication for the Renewable Energy Industry

May 27, 2020

Renewable energy manufacturing is playing a vital role in support of the growing alternative energy industrial sector and energy as a whole. As a metal fabrication company, Quest Tech provides a range of services essential to green energy production. Quest Tech’s quality precision manufacturing methods include state-of-the-art systems and processes that help reduce lead times and lower production costs while increasing quality and consistency.

Renewable energy continues to expand annually with advancements in technologies that have been able to harness more energy from renewable sources. With this expansion comes an increase in the demand for the fabrication of renewable energy parts and components. By the numbers, in North America, renewable energy sources currently provide about 11% of total U.S. energy consumption and 17% of the total primary energy supply in Canada. U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) anticipates renewable energy resources like solar and wind will be the fastest-growing source of U.S. electricity generation for at least the next few years. In Canada, though hydropower is the leading renewable energy source by far, the fastest-growing sources of electricity are wind and solar energy.

With such anticipated growth, Quest Tech’s high-quality fabricating capabilities in the manufacture of alternative energy parts and components can help green companies reach their full potential. In large part due to Quest-Tech being a one-stop-shop. Quest-Tech offers vertically-integrated production which allows for a greater range of services under one roof. The full scope of metal fabrication services— sheet rolling, laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, and assembly—streamlines processes, lines of communication increases efficiency, and reduces costs.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing & Fabrication Solutions

With so much at stake in the renewable energy industry, Quest Tech alternative energy fabrication solutions can assist businesses to reach their full potential. Metal fabrication is integral to solar, wind, and geothermal renewable energy companies. Here’s how:

Solar Energy

Solar energy has always held promise as a renewable energy solution. As the market for solar energy continues to expand, so does the need for high-quality fabricated components and parts. Quest-Tech has fabricating capabilities to support solar power companies. Solar power systems are composed of such fabricated components as frames, posts, connectors, trackers, brackets, inverter and controller enclosures, and more.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is another sector of the renewable energy industry that holds promise—not only as a “green” energy solution but also as production relates to the fabrication and manufacturing of parts and components required to construct the wind turbines. Improved manufacturing methods and advancements in fabrication technology combined with a growing demand for the necessary parts to construct wind turbines have seen production rise over the past decade. When it comes to wind turbines, most may envision blades—each one is 250 feet (75 meters) in length—and supporting towers that stand 262 feet (80 meters) tall. It’s much more than that. On average, there are approximately 8,000 supporting parts and components required to construct a single wind turbine. Because of the harsh environments in which wind turbines are erected in, all the fabricated metal parts to construct the towers require non-corrosive properties to maximize the lifetime of the turbines and minimize maintenance costs.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal HVAC heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial buildings provide high efficiency, environmentally-friendly heating, ventilating, and air conditioning that draw on the earth’s organic underground temperatures, delivering heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The geothermal energy market is relatively untapped. It is, however, a very useful and reliable form of renewable energy. Geothermal systems consist of an earth loop—an underground network of pipes—that feed an aboveground, indoor handling unit. Fabricated manufactured components to run the system include heat exchangers, condensers, pipes, filters, pumps, valves, housings, and so on. As with wind energy, these components must be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Quest-Tech is a one-stop-shop that provides precision manufacturing of renewable energy products for companies large and small. We offer efficient, cost-effective solutions in the production of parts and components needed for manufacturing alternative energy products. For more information on how Quest-Tech can meet your renewable energy fabrication needs, contact us today.