How Sheet Metal Fabrication Benefits Your Company and Bottom Line

July 15, 2020

Partnering with a metal fabrication shop that can provide and control all facets of sheet metal fabrication under one roof offers many benefits to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and other companies. When production requires multiple processes such as punching, laser cutting, welding, or painting and silkscreening, one-stop metal fabrication shops can centralize processes that would otherwise, if farmed out to multiple fabrication shops, add more time and money to production and production costs.

Choice one-stop shops like Quest-Tech optimize a wide array of fabrication processes for companies. By providing increased services for sheet metal fabrication under one roof, Quest-Tech eliminates waste from production. Here’s how Quest-Tech one-stop metal fabrication services can benefit your company:


One-stop metal fabrication shops offer cost-efficiency in the overall production of parts and components. Material, production, and ancillary costs can fluctuate from shop to shop. These are particularly accentuated when OEMs contract with multiple partners to fabricate parts or components for them. At the top of the list is controlling costs. When using multiple partners, it may result in such variable pricing to inflate the cost of a product. However, underestimating that cost anywhere in the supply chain that results in cheaper material can undermine the quality of a product. This inherent risk of price variability when using multiple suppliers is eliminated with a one-stop metal fabrication shop. Dealing with a single supply source offers cost-saving opportunities for OEMs.

Reducing Lead Time

In manufacturing, longer lead times not only interrupt manufacturing processes but negatively affect sales. Juggling multiple suppliers is one of the surest ways that result in longer lead times for the production of a product. In fabrication, a one-stop shop that can fabricate a component and, say, also provide the punching, painting, or silk-screening necessary streamlines production under one roof. One-stop shops reduce lead times for manufacturers, which leads to improved productivity and increased output.

Cutting the Supply Chain

A supply chain is the flow of goods, services, and processes that transform raw materials into a final product. Well-managed, efficient, and economical supply chains contribute greatly to manufacturing productivity. In metal fabrication processes, each shop contracted by a manufacturer to complete a process compounds a supply chain, at the very least, by a factor of two, adding incalculable time lost in bringing a product to market. Multiple sheet metal fabrication processes accomplished under one roof cuts supply chains to a single source for easier management of supplies and increased efficiency.

Lowering Shipping Costs

Multiple fabrication stops in manufacturing parts and components can lead to higher shipping costs. If products and components are moved step-by-step, these additional shipping costs can affect a manufacturer’s bottom line. Valuable time is also lost when products need to be shipped from one shop to another to complete a process. To save time and lower shipping costs, manufacturers can save by using the right one-stop fabrication shop. Metal fabrication shops with value-added services such as custom export crate design and shipping are a big plus for companies.

One-stop shops are more cost-effective than shops that specialize in only one, or perhaps limited areas of fabrication. Quest-Tech offers multi-metal fabrication processes with a precision that delivers high-quality parts and components on time. As a one-stop-shop, having the ability to control all aspects of the manufacturing process allows companies like Quest Tech to offer superior quality, competitive pricing, and shortened lead times to clients as well as an array of value-added services such as painting, silk screening, or readying custom export crate designs for shipping.