6 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Local Metal Fabricator

May 13, 2022

Why work with a local metal fabricator? In today’s globalized marketplace, a simple Google search as: “custom metal fabrication near me” may give you the competitive advantage you’re looking for. More than a convenience, partnering with a local metal fabricator has its own rewards. From improved communication to real savings on time and money, here are 6 ways why looking closer to home can help ensure the success of your custom metal fabrication project in the global marketplace:


A clear advantage of partnering with a local metal fabricator is better communication. An open line of communication is vital for the success of every fabrication project. Being able to speak face-to-face with the fabricator and his or her team at the shop when needed is a big plus, especially once the project is underway. The availability of meeting your fabricator in person and then meeting regularly thereafter to discuss details, product requirements, or any necessary changes can help move the project along. If any unexpected problems arise, you can stop by and solve them together.


Partnering with a local metal fabricator in many ways is a collaborative process. When it’s time to test a prototype or review some aspect of the product plans, being there means the flow of the project can progress at a more steady pace, without disruption. Your product will likely involve dozens of precise specifications and details with no room for misinterpretation. If you are part of the process, you are there to approve adjustments, tweak the design, or handle unexpected problems as they come up. Eliminating costly mistakes and making corrections in real time saves time and keeps the project on budget, and allows for a more streamlined process.

Save Time

Because of proximity, when you partner with a local metal fabricator, you can save time on bringing your project to market. A local fabricator means local delivery or pick up. If the fabrication shop is producing a part or component needed for continuous production of an application, local access also means ready access to that part without interruption to production. Because local orders require less lead time, it allows you to manage volume, be it cyclical or steady, to align with sales projections or, in a perfect world, demand as needed, allowing the generation of revenue ahead of expenditures.

Expertise and Service

Equally important is the expertise and services provided by your local fabricator. Expertise in a particular fabrication technique will ensure quality, but here’s the catch. It’s not uncommon for some fabrication shops to only specialize in one or two techniques, such as cutting or welding, and outsource other services, such as forming or painting to other fabrication shops. The shop may only work with stainless steel rather than the aluminum your design calls for. To save both time and money, partner with a local all-in-one fabrication shop—one that performs the metal fabrication services you require in-house and one that meets the material requirements of your design. If your fabricator outsources any portion of his or her services, those costs and delays will be passed along to you.

Reduce Expenses

As time is money these days with rising fuel costs, so is locality. Shipping your finished part or component across the country to your manufacturing facility or distribution center will add to its costs or cut your profit margins. If you need your product shipped to you for assembly, packaging, or finishing, keeping it local can greatly reduce shipping costs and related expenses.

Support the Local Economy

Partnering with a local metal fabricator, even one in the immediate region, is not only being a good neighbor but helps sustain other area businesses and all stakeholders who live and work throughout the broader community. Finding the right partner for your custom metal fabrication project is important. Still, to draw the talent your company needs to thrive, so is the community’s vitality in which you do your business. Adopting business practices that support local and regional economies—contractors, suppliers, and fabricators—will help keep those economies robust.

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