3 Reasons Why Quality Control Lead to Success

December 17, 2019

Quest-Tech has long been an ISO certified fabrication company and for a very good reason. ISO 9001:2015 certified companies offer customers the assurance that a quality management system is in place—one that ensures adherence to manufacturing processes and protocols at the highest performance levels. ISO 9001 is a benchmark that a quality assurance system is in place. One that is designed to reduce expenses, increase workflow and, above all, provide customer satisfaction.

What Does It Mean to Be ISO Certified?

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. It is a non-governmental, independent, international organization that convenes experts who work together to develop consensus-based international standards in a wide range of disciplines and fields. With membership that includes 164 national standards bodies, ISO is the preeminent body that sets the standards for companies, industries and organizations worldwide.

The ISO 9000 family of standards focus on quality management, providing guidance and tools for member companies and organizations to follow and adhere to in order to meet the stringent requirements for certification. As an ISO certified fabrication company, Quest-Tech has demonstrated time and again that the standard for quality management has been met, but also that the quality of their products and services have consistently improved while consistently meeting customer requirements.

How Quality Control Leads to Success

Three of the main reasons that Quality Control and Assurance leads to success—prevention, increased production, and customer satisfaction—is a result of the quality management system in place, and that quality assurance protocols are followed.


In fabrication, quality control of the manufacturing process is a preventive measure that ensures production free of mistakes. In doing so, products are, therefore, free from defects. Customers and consumers can use the products without risk to injury. Manufacturers who adhere to quality control procedures are positioned to meet and even exceed their customer requirements and expectations. They are far less likely to have product recalls, place customers at risk, and face catastrophic financial repercussions as a result of poorly made products.

Increased Production

With Quality Assurance protocols in place and adhered to, an ISO certified fabrication company like Quest-Tech can reduce expenses and increase its workflow. QA protocols catch errors before they are made or the system can and will provide immediate traceability in the event that a defect or mistake is found during the manufacturing process. Thus, corrections can be made and production can resume.

Customer Satisfaction

As with any business, customers not only expect but demand high-quality products. Quality management systems are intricately tied to customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to customer loyalty and earns a trusted reputation to consistently deliver quality products. As an ISO certified fabrication company, Quest-Tech recognizes the value of its customers as stakeholders in the company as much as our dedicated employees and staff are. The success of the Quality Management system is in fulfilling the needs of each stakeholder. The result builds trust, increases performance, and ensures success.

Why Using an ISO Certified Fabrication Company Makes All the Difference

In the metal fabrication industry, a company that is ISO accredited and certified has demonstrated to customers, businesses, and business partners that they are a trusted company that has not only served the needs of their community with satisfaction but has earned a reputation recognized by the international business community.

Quest-Tech’s ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures customers that all aspects of fabrication and manufacturing processes have met the standards of ISO Quality Management systems, and has repeatedly met and exceeded customer requirements.